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RF1 ST-2

The ST is an entry-level trike with a simple, yet smart and eye catching body design. The distinguishing body feature of the ST is the separate rear fenders, which directly attach to the tail lights.


The GT is the trike to cruise the day and the kilometres away. The single piece body comprises of attached fenders with moulded lights at the rear of the trike. There is generous boot space for extended cruising trips.

The Sportive – RF1 LT-2

The Sportive has separate fenders with rear moulded tail lights giving the LT-2 a sporty look that echoes the handling of a rewaco trike. The passenger seat has rewaco innovation with storage-pod arm rests. This allows for easy access to storage on those well-deserved breaks.

The Family Friendly – RF1 LT-3

The LT-3 has the benefits of the LT-2, with the added fun of an extra passenger. This 3 seat model has a rear continuous double bench seat that replaces the passenger seat, without impacting the trikes performance. Why not Invite the whole family?

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